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Invisible Roots

Barbara Stone
PHD Clinical Psychology 1995

ISBN: 9781604150179

Pacifica Bookstore price: $17.95


What happens when psychological problems and physical symptoms stubbornly persist even with the most advanced methods of cure? This problem confounded many of psychotherapist Dr. Barbara Stone's clients, who could not shake phobias, addictions, depression, anger, pain, chronic fatigue, and other physical conditions, no matter what they tried. Then, searching deeper realms uncovered links to traumatic past lives and to spirits of the deceased who had not been able to move into the Light because of emotional turmoil. After treating the wounds of these past lives and earthbound spirits, the presenting problems disappeared.This groundbreaking book describes these remarkable stories and the methods used to help people heal. A resource for therapists confronted with these phenomena, this book is also for anyone struggling to understand the origins of persistent patterns of blockage or disease. Best of all, it brings the remarkable breakthrough therapies of Energy Psychology to bear on this difficult area, providing an abundance of tools and techniques for resolving issues whose roots lie in realms other than the present lifetime.


From page 1:
The research for this book took my soul into places far outside my comfort zone. Past lives, discarnate spirits, hidden childhood traumaŚneither my upbringing in a traditional Protestant church nor my professional education had prepared me for the emotional impact these volatile discoveries held as I searched with my clients for a path to true and deep soul healing.

The method we used was phenomenological research, which captures the richness of individual experience, then examines the essence of how this experience presents itself in consciousness to find its underlying principles. The ideas in this book will be new for some people and may seem initially threatening to others. Theories of healing outside of the current paradigm often trigger criticism.

From page 7:
The crucial and important lesson I learned from my clinical experience is that whether the stories my clients tell of past lives, spirit attachments, and childhood trauma have any historical accuracy or not, working as if they are true releases the trauma and helps people to heal.


Barbara Stone holds a PHD in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.

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