Ladera medicine wheel

Jacqueline Leeba
MA Depth Psychology 2011

Whether you are looking for inner wisdom, or calming harmony and insights, the final Depth Psychology cohort of Track K (3rd year, 2012) offers as its parting gift a Medicine Wheel as a living tool of ceremonial depth, in gratitude for our experience at Pacifica.

Jung identified five prominent groups of instinctive factors: creativity, activity, sexuality, hunger, and reflection. Reflection is one of the most potent instincts that has been severely minimized and therefore most often forgotten, leaving many wondering today how to self-reflect. The Medicine Wheel is one way to help address this neglected instinct, and a blessed place for group, relational, or individual forms of self-reflection while considering issues from multiple perspectives.


HeronsWood Labyrinth, Lambert campus

Norine Minion
MA Counseling Psychology 2005

As I walked the newly created HeronsWood Labyrinth on December 21, 2012, six days after the first hoe hit the ground, I reflected upon the multitude of people, events, and experiences that led to the manifestation of this gift from my class, MA Counseling Psychology 2005, a.k.a. the Herons. While I meandered on the path a face, a conversation, or an emotion would pop into my being reminding me of the decade-long journey of the Herons, Pacifica Land Manager Marshall Chrostowski, and Pacifica Graduate Institute. The following are glimpses of that journey's story and its characters.

Pacifica Viewbook

Pacifica Graduate Institute's updated Viewbook is now available. Click here to immediately download a PDF version of the Pacifica Viewbook. Click here to request a paper version of the Pacifica Viewbook.

animae mundi colendae gratia
"for the sake of tending soul of and in the world"